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Poor Bobby



Bob Miller, Inventor Extraordinaire


  • The Perfect Gift
  • For Outdoor Chefs
  • Update Your Current Grill

The Grill-Topper features a unique patented surface design. It distributes heat evenly for low temperature grilling so you can enjoy more flavorful food! The new design prevents most that would normally burn food. 

In addition to all the old favorites, now you can grill Shrimp, Fish, Vegetables, Bacon, healthier and better than ever before! A Grill-Topper will even help improve your barbecue skills!

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Cat #


Price Each


12" Round Grill-Topper



16" Round Grill-Topper



12" by 14" Grill-Topper



Grill-Topper Handle



Dinger Barbecue Chime

$19.95 Prepaid

6% Sales Tax
(MI Only)
Plus UPS costs
for shipping and handling

Special dealer discounts on six (6) or more units on each order.

Quantity discounts and dealer pricing available. for more information. The Grill-Toppers are manufactured with quality by Grill-Topper, a division of Poor Bobby's Inc.

Another Quality product from Kingsford, Michigan